Ras Mbisi is a small private ‘beach meets bush’ lodge set on 8 kilometres of deserted beach where we offer luxury back to nature accommodation in an informal atmosphere. We are the only true beach lodge on Mafia Island. Put your feet up and let us look after you. We take the idea of barefoot luxury seriously, and our aim has been to provide a piece of island paradise for you to unwind and relax in. Limited mobile phone and no internet access means you totally get away from the outside world.

Ras Mbisi, Pool

Despite our environmentally sustainable approach, the focus of the lodge is on relaxation and the provision of comfortable accommodation, fresh locally grown food and friendly service. We don’t believe that being environmentally responsible means that our guests should have to ‘rough’ it. However, for those that choose their holiday destination on the basis of sustainability, rest assured we take our environmental footprint very seriously: we just don’t think you should have to be uncomfortable to achieve it. You should be aware that if you are looking for a sanitised world with shops and entertainment then this is absolutely not for you.


At Ras Mbisi Lodge, you can do as much – or as little – as you wish. We offer sunset cruises to help you unwind, and excursions so that you can experience all that a Mafia Island holiday has to offer. Visits to Chole Island, Chungaruma lakes and the Mlola Forest are well worth the visit, as are outings to Kilindoni, Ras Kisimani or the Marine Park in the Chole Bay area.

Ras Mbisi, People

For the more adventurous, we can organise fishing trips, and trips to nearby islands and reefs where you can snorkel from our locally built dhow. There are also sea kayaks and dug-out canoes available free of charge or sailing in n’galawas with local boatmen. We also offer scuba diving courses and trips, through dive centres in Chole Bay so that you can experience the Indian Ocean from a different perspective.